Pyzique Barbeque Pit

BBQ rings are specially made to fit Pyzique and Pyzique Tumbled blocks. The metal ring its self is 32 in diameter. Once installed the entire pit is 49 in diameter. It takes 14 Pyzique blocks to make one layer. Four layers is a good height being that it is almost knee height when sitting in most chairs. Not only is the pit usable and simple but gives an impressive appearance.

Block Size: 4" X 11" X 9"
Pallet Information: 140 per pallet, 25 lbs. each, 3500 lbs. per pallet, 42.77 sq. ft. per pallet

Available in:

Choose Tumbled or Non-Tumbled



Desert Blend

Terra-Cotta Blend

Oak Blend

Granite Blend

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