Tumbled Maytrx Wall Systems

Maytrx Tumbled is a five stone pin system that offers strength and beauty all in one. This system is great for retaining walls, sitting walls and columns that will show a more natural stone character. Not only is this system finished on both faces but all pieces can be installed randomly eliminating the fixed patterns of many other multi-stone system. With the Maytrx’s ease of installation and distinctive old world appearance makes this system a top pick for all landscape applications.

Block Size: Multi-size, 5 piece system
Pallet Information: 20 sets per pallet, 160 lbs. each set, 3200 lbs. per pallet, 33.4 sq. ft. per pallet

Available in:

Tumbled Oak Blend

Tumbled Baltic Blend

Tumbled Granite Blend

Tumbled Desert Blend

Old Chicago

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