Why King Sized Brick?

Outstanding curb appeal and versatility have made Acme King Sized Brick the best selling item in the Acme product line. Furthermore, their face dimensions make them cost-efficient. Compared with standard size brick. Acme King Size brick can lower total brick all cost by as much as 30%.

Use of Acme King Size Brick results in lower labor cost, lower mortar cost, and faster construction time, Just as important, you can trust Acme Brick Company's record of reliability, color selection, and technical assistance. Matching quality with economy is what makes Acme Brick the best thing to have around your house.

How much brick will I need?

First, determine how many square feet you are covering with brick and then select the brick size from the table below. Multiply the total number of square feet by the brick needed per square foot and divide by .95 to allow for breakage.

Brick per sq. ft.
King Size 4.8
Builder's Special 5.3
Modular 6.85
Queen Size 5.20

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